BetterWorld provides first assessment of Zambia's Forest Ecosystem Services

BetterWorld is not just about bioenergy. We are about sustainable productive landscapes and have a deep and broad experience in work to develop the Green Economy. We research, test, demonstrate and implement and foremost in our activities is research. Dr Benjamin Warr, Founder of BetterWorld Energy Ltd led the in-country geospatial analysis for the UNEP Report on the "Benefits of Forest Ecosystems in Zambia and the Role of REDD+ in a Green Economy".

While a monetary estimate of the services provided by a unique ecosystem at the scale of Zambia's forests will always be a large underestimation of infinity policy makers and technical experts defining strategic interventions to conserve forests and improve rural livelihoods need vital information to assist them in prioritising geographical areas and defining the nature of interventions.

By providing the first detailed maps of supporting, provisioning and regulating ecosystem services from Zambia's forests Government has been able to identify priority areas for action and is now moving onwards will follow-up studies to determine the nature of the possible interventions.