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 Dr benjamin warr

Dr benjamin warr

Benjamin Warr, PhD

Dr Benjamin Warr is a sustainability analyst and strategist. He trained as an environmental soil scientist (Reading University), and has worked for over 12 years at INSEAD Business School, Fontainebleau, France researching ecological economics, industrial ecology, and developing the Ayres-Warr Theory of Useful Work. Benjamin remains Adjunct, Executive in Residence at the INSEAD Social Innovation Centre. His (almost) complete publication list, with many articles for download can be accessed from Researchgate and

Benjamin's PhD focused on the use of geostatistics and hyperspectral (diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and remote sensing data). He is passionate about reducing the costs of soil sampling, understanding the spatial variability of soils, and developing means to ensure that small independent farmers develop appropriate methods to restore and maintain soil productivity.

More information on the topic of Exergy-Economics, which represents a valuable new set of theories and methods to examine growth, sustainability and technology in the economy, which is now being adopted and developed further internationally by a large group of Professors and PhD students can be found here at the Exergy-Economics website, while many useful datasets and case studies are available on this older Google Site.

If you want to buy a copy of Benjamin's book "The Economic Growth Engine. how energy and work drive material prosperity", co-authored with Professor Emeritus Robert U. Ayres, then please visit Edward Elgar's website, or got to Amazon and you will find it.